Community Solutions, Training, and Service

The mission of Education Trailblazers is to support and supercharge higher education’s utilization of Salesforce. Founded by Kathleen Lueckeman, a veteran Salesforce for higher education user and the original creator of the Higher Education Advisory Council, and Salesforce’s annual Education Summit, Education Trailblazers focuses on several distinct areas:

  • Managing partner and vendor solutions and implementations, allowing institutions to move faster and with greater confidence toward key milestones,

  • Providing thought leadership and future state visioning for institutions that highlights the strategic value and ROI of investment in Salesforce,

  • Implementing Education Data Architecture to leverage the power of the native Salesforce platform to create custom and scalable solutions, and

  • Training, supporting, and mentoring Salesforce teams developing skill sets, and creating learning roadmaps that drive success in future platform projects.

Kathy Lueckeman has a track record of success across multiple institutions of higher education; she leverages her expertise and network to consistently create efficiencies, cost savings, and customized automation across an organization’s platform.